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-$75 Per Year Per Adult
-$75 Per Year Per Child
-Additional Dental Cleanings at Reduced Rates
-Rebated Dental Exams and x-Rays
-Insurance Fees maintained as contracted provider*
*Available for select dental insurance plans, please contact a SmilePlan representative to see if your plan is eligible for LINK.


Smile LINK plan is a great supplemental solution for patients that have dental insurance and wish to extend their benefits.  If your preferred dentist is out-of-network or your employer now offers a different PPO plan that your current dentist is not contracted with, your Dental Insurance Company will likely "punish" you for not staying in network.  This plan will bridge the gap to create a seamless patient experience.  Smile LINK will treat your insurance plan as if your dentist was "in-network" and extend the negotiated fee rate and honor insurance stated patient out-of-pocket portions for procedures.  Additionally, you will never pay for exams or x-rays out of your own pocket either.  There are even savings on non-covered procedures such as cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening.

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