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-$155 Per Year Per Adult
-$100 Per Year Per Child
-2 Cleanings at $35 Per Adult and $25 per Child
-Unlimited Dental Exams at $10 Per Visit
-Unlimited X-Rays at $5 Per Visit
-20% TRUE Fee Savings


Smile LOYALTY plan is the starter plan for many patients.  It is a great choice if you are current on your dental care and just want to save money instead of paying for a traditional Dental Insurance policy.  If you don't typically need more than routine preventative care, then this plan may give you the best savings to start.  Smile LOYALTY members may receive limited promotional pricing on procedures such as dental implants and teeth whitening.

After 2 consecutive years of membership on the Smile LOYALTY plan, you are eligible to enroll in the Smile LONGEVITY plan, at the same annual fee as the Smile LOYALTY plan. This is how SmilePlan rewards patients that are loyal to our doctors. 

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